Jimin (BTS) explained why he cried for 3 hours after hearing the news of No.1 on Billboard Hot 100

Jimin was the one who cried the most after hearing that BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ won the first place on Billboard Hot 100.

On August 31 (US time), on the official homepage, Billboard published an article titled: ‘BTS‘ No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with ‘Dynamite’. According to Nielsen Music, in its first week of release, ‘Dynamite’ attracted 33.9 million streams and sold 300,000 digital tracks. BTS is not only the first Korean artist to win No.1 on Billboard Hot 100, but also is the first Asian artist to record this achievement after 57 years.

This morning (September 2), BTS held an online press conference with the media (Online Media Day). At this event, the group shared their feelings after becoming the first Korean artist to win #1 on Billboard Hot 100, expressed their gratitude to the fans and talked about their future plans.

During the Media Day press conference, Jimin received a question about the reason why he cried after hearing the news. Almost all of the members cried but Jimin was the one who cried the most.

Fans realized this when Jimin shared on Twitter that he cried a lot. In the tweet, Jimin even wrote his own name incorrectly because he was too emotional.

Then in the Vlive broadcast to celebrate BTS’s No.1, the members mentioned about how much Jimin cried. RM said that Jimin called him, crying while saying thank you to the leader for always working hard for BTS. V also said that Jimin called him, then they both cried because they were so happy with their impressive achievements on the Billboard Hot 100.

Jimin himself revealed that he heard this news around 4am and then cried until 7am, crying while calling other members. Then, because he was too tired, he fell asleep. On the Vlive broadcast, fans still noticed that his eyes and nose were swollen after a sleepless night of nonstop crying.

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At the press conference, after receiving a question about why he cried so much, Jimin replied:

“To be honest, I don’t know. I heard the news a little bit late – RM told us the news at 3.20am but I only heard about it around past 4am and I cried until about 7am when I got tired and fell asleep on the sofa. 

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First I was really shocked. I was with Jungkook at that time, we were thrilled and excited. And then we were just staring at the chart, just sort of caressing our phones in our hands. I started crying and tears starting coming out. We started to talk with the other members. We said to Namjoon, it’s because of you that we accomplished all of this. We had this conversation with the members all morning.’

Jimin continued: “What we said the most was that, ‘so it’s possible for us too, if we don’t stop trying.’ Thinking about it now, there are things that we have protected until now, there are things we want to do and things we have done or are doing – it feels like this is us being acknowledged and receiving a reward for all of that. It feels even more like we are being complimented and told we did well, for all the hard times we went through together. So I think that’s why I cried. I really miss the fans and really want to perform soon.”

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Knet’s comment on Theqoo after reading about the story of how much Jimin cried because ‘Dynamite’ reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100:

– Park Jimin is so adorable!

– I was very touched when he called RM to thank him for always working hard for the group.

– Wow, I want to cry again!

– Jimin is very kind and cute.

– He’s so cute, he even called the members and said while crying.

– So sweet and adorable.

– Swollen eyes and nose like that but why is Jimin still cute?

– Oh these kids are so cute, their puffy eyes from crying are too adorable.

– This world is so harsh but there is still an innocent person like Park Jimin.

– You guys worked very hard. This is a worthy achievement! Bangtan hwaiting!

What do you think about Jimin’s 3-hour crying story after hearing the news of No.1 Billboard Hot 100?

Sources: tinnhac, twitter

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