Jihyo’s years of training at JYP are more than the age of 4th generation idols, almost not a member of TWICE?

July 15 is the anniversary of Jihyo joining JYP. On this special occasion, she gave ONCE a surprise gift by posting beautiful photos of herself on TWICE’s official Instagram account.

Shock: Jihyo's years of training at JYP are more than the age of GenZ-ers, almost not a member of TWICE?
Jihyo posted a photo celebrating her anniversary joining JYP

She posted a series of photos with the message, “Today is my 16th year of joining JYP. I thought you guys were all waiting so I decided to post these photos! It’s been a long journey for me but ONCE and your cheers has made my experience even brighter. As always, thank you very much. Let’s continue to live  our best in the future.”

Jihyo has joined JYP for 16 years

TWICE has debuted for nearly 7 years but Jihyo‘s time in JYP has been… 16 years. This number is even bigger than the age of young people of Gen Z now. She won second place in the 1st Naver Child Acting Star Contest, then joined JYP at the age of 9.

Since she was 9…

Jihyo had to go through a long process of being a trainee before she could officially debut. Her training years were so long that she had been a trainee before Wonder Girls and miss A debuted. Jihyo was also trained with these girl groups but only with TWICE did Jihyo get the chance and debut to become the talented, brave leader and main vocalist as she is today.

Currently, Jihyo has become a brave and talented leader of TWICE

Source: Koreaboo