Jihyo asked about TWICE’s fight, Heechul replied it was because they were once caught fighting

TWICE Jihyo quickly replied to Kim Heechul’s answer: “I don’t think so.”

Kim Heechul also got a fight for his quick response from Jihyo? “Knowing Brothers” Heechul answered: “Because you were caught red-handed.”

In the JTBC entertainment program “Knowing Brothers,” which was on air on the afternoon of November 3, TWICE members appeared as a transfer students.

“We have been living at a lodging house for three years. We all live together. Why don’t we have a quarrel or even have a fight while living at a lodging house?” they asked a group of older brothers.

“Now that we have lived together for three years, we have known each other since we were trainees,” said Jihyo, the leader.

Looking at this, Kim Heechul said: “Because you were once caught fighting” “That was the case,” Lee Soo Geun said with excitement.

Source: nate

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