Ji Soo got a strange nostril in the concert poster of Black Pink

Ji Soo’s pretty ‘strange’ nose makes some people think that she has just undergone plastic surgery

On December 17, YG announced that Black Pink’s online concert The Show, scheduled to be held on December 27, will be delayed until January 31, 2021, due to the Covid-19.  Along with the announcement is a new poster for The Show.  4 Black Pink members dressed in super cool girl crush style outfits.

Jisoo nose1

The detail that makes fans wonder is … Ji Soo’s strange nose.  Specifically, the light on Ji Soo’s face is deflected to one side, making her nose look rather strange.  The different proportions cause the shape of Ji Soo’s nose to be skewed.  Netizens are confused whether this is a photoshop mistake or because the female idol just got plastic surgery on her nose.  In the video to fans on December 17, Ji Soo also appeared with a “strange” nose, the two sides of her nose were not equal.

Jisoo nose1

However, many fans claim that her nose has not changed.  They think that it may be due to the light and the photoshop mistake that makes Ji Soo’s nose in the poster become strange

Jisoo nose1
Fans affirmed that Ji Soo’s nose has not changed, and she has a natural beauty
Jisoo nose5
Ji Soo has a round nose tip but small and beautiful
Jisoo nose7
Pre-debut photo and 2020 photos show Ji Soo’s unchanged nose.


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