Ji Seok Jin showed off his bond with BTS Jin on “Happy Together 4”

On “Happy Together 4”, actor Ji Seok Jin has mentioned his close friendship with member Jin from BTS


On October 18th, KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 4”  was broadcasted as a special edition episode of the girls’ reunion. The special MCs of this edition included NU’EST W Jonghyun, actress Lee Hye-young, Kang Soo-jung, Jeong Sun-hee and Ji Seok Jin.

It has been revealed that BTS Jin invited Ji Seok Jin to the group’s concert. “A lot of people are impersonating BTS! You have to be careful” Yoo Jae Suk joked. Ji Seok Jin then replied jokingly, “Do you want to get scolded?”

He then revealed his conversation with BTS Jin to the public. Yoo Jae Suk then asked, “Did you guys call each other?” “I talked to him on the radio. The fans have contacted him there. We had 2 episodes of BTS special edition without BTS being there. Jin was very busy. He had to go to the UN.”, said Ji Seok Jin while revealing the photo of their conversation. 

At last, Ji Seok Jin tried to call Jin.  Apparently, Jin just woke up from his sleep and answered, “Aigoo hyung!. I’m in The Netherlands now. I don’t know why you’re calling but I love you. It’s really cool!”

Source: Nate

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