Ji Min (BTS) was mocked because of his bowing posture to ARMYs

The BTS member’s act of kneeling may be emotional to fans, but to non-fan, it’s kind of ‘excessive’.

On July 19, BTS received good news when their latest song “Permission to Dance” debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (USA). “Permission to Dance” becomes the group’s fifth song to achieve this position after Dynamite, Savage Love (Remix), Life Goes On and Butter. On social networks, BTS members expressed their joy and thanked ARMYs for always being their “strong wings” that help BTS continuously their “fly”.

The topic that is causing a “storm” on Twitter is the photo Ji Min sent to fans after receiving news of the No.1 Hot 100 position. The male idol posted a moment of kneeling on the ground, expressing his appreciation to ARMYs. Ji Min wrote the caption, “Is this true? I don’t know how to express my feelings right now to you. Thank you again for this great love and support. I will live and work hard. Always be cheerful and happy, at least for us.”

Ji Min (BTS) was mocked because of his bowing posture to thank fans
Ji Min’s photo becomes a hot topic on social networks.

Fans have emotional reactions to Ji Min’s photo. Many comments praised the male idol for expressing his sincere and warm gratitude to ARMYs. In Korean culture, this action is called the “big bow” (큰절), is the most respected bow in Korea, often used to show respect for the elder in the family every new year, holiday. Through this kneeling position, Ji Min has given all his respect and appreciation to the fans.

However, there are also controversial opinions about this moment. Some comments say that all of this is just because he wants attention from their fans. This is not BTS’ first No.1 Hot 100 achievement. The song Permission to Dance is also expected to debut at the top of this chart because of the enthusiastic support from the BTS fandom in the US. Therefore, many people feel that Ji Min is “overdoing it” when kneeling on the ground to thank fans. “If BTS won a Grammy, it would be understandable to bow like that. But this is only a No.1 Billboard Hot 100. The group has achieved this many times, why exaggerate? ” – a comment on Twitter.

Despite the controversy, the fans still left many positive comments for Ji Min. The Korean media also reports a very meaningful moment of the appreciation for the fans from the male idol born in 1995. The Korea Herald Business even published this photo on the front page. The issue quickly “sold out” and the phone line to order was overloaded. Ji Min’s has successfully influence surprised all the newspaper staff.

Ji Min (BTS) was mocked because of his bowing posture to thank fans
Ji Min appeared on the front page of Korea Herald Business.
Ji Min (BTS) was mocked because of his bowing posture to thank fans
The BTS member creates a craze on the internet thanks to the moment of kneeling.

Source: iOne

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