Ji Hyo surpasses Jennie on the list Kpop idols with the most expensive outfits

Twice Ji Hyo’s $22,000 dress is far more expensive than Jennie’s previous costly ensemble, and only slightly less expensive than Rosé and Lisa’s.

Ji hyo

In the MV Kura Kura, Ji Hyo wears a sophisticated layered dress of the high-end wedding dress brand Bridal Kong.  This is the first time Twice’s leader has worn a luxurious Haute Couture outfit.  The price of this dress is estimated at up to 25 million won.  With this gorgeous dress, Ji Hyo is currently the idol with the third most expensive outfit in Kpop, after Rosé and Lisa.

Ji hyo rosé

Rosé previously set records when she wore designer Cong Tri’s lavish beaded creation in her solo music video. This Vietnamese designer presented the outfit as part of a collection at New York Fashion Week 2019. This handcrafted ensemble is valued at $26,000.

Ji hyo lisa

Lisa ranked second among Kpop idols wearing the most luxurious clothes.  In the MV Kill this love, the Thai idol appeared with an expensive Celine fur coat. Her outfit costs up to $22,061. 

Ji hyo lisa

As a Celine ambassador, the female idol once wore the brand’s lavish dress, which comes with an equally “heavenly” price tag of €15,000

Ji hyo Jennie

Before being usurped by Ji Hyo, Jennie used to be the idol with the third most expensive outfit in Kpop.  The Chanel ambassador wore the brand’s meticulously embroidered silk shirt in MV Kill this love and received many compliments.  This design costs $18,575. 

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During her solo debut, Jennie caught attention when wearing a series of very luxurious outfits.  Prominent among them is the Off White dress with feminine floral motifs, priced at up to $11,595. 

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Ji Soo also wore a Versace dress with delicate flowers, priced at about $13,000. 

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Not a prominent face in the fashion field, but Soo Jin (G)I-DLE also wore a red Romona Kevez dress when performing Senorita.  It costs about $11,628. 

Source: ione

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