Ji Chang Wook’s super-cool image in the past causes a buzz again

Few people know that Ji Chang Wook once appeared in T-ara’s hit drama-MV 10 years ago with such a cool image.

Ji Chang Wook is one of today’s most well-known actors. He not only has a gorgeous, appealing appearance and a bright smile, but he is also a great actor with exceptional acting skills. Few people are aware that, prior to being as renowned as he is today, Ji Chang Wook once starred in T-ara‘s hit MV Cry Cry.

Cry Cry is a song on T-ara’s 3rd mini album “Black Eyes”, which was released in September 2011. The MV revolves around Jiyeon’s journey to find the person who killed her father in the past. Under the guidance of Cha Seung Won, she finally found a clue about the culprit, who was said to be Ji Chang Wook.

The “plot twist” is that Ji Chang Wook is Jiyeon’s father’s junior; he observed the entire incident and disclosed that Cha Seung Won was the one who murdered her father. Jiyeon’s misery and torment had reached the highest level, and she was confronted with the decision of whether or not to seek vengeance.

Although only appearing in a few scenes in the MV, Ji Chang Wook’s cool image made viewers very excited.

Following the success of MV Cry Cry, Ji Chang Wook rose to fame with his roles in a series of action movies such as Healer, The K2, and Fabricated City. The actor, who was born in 1987, also received several domestic and international awards for his good embodiment in the rough and powerful image as well as his eye-catching combat scenes.

ji chang wook
Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is always challenging himself by taking on a variety of roles. In 2020, he had a loveline in the film Lovestruck In The City with Kim Ji Won, with sweet scenes that provide the audience a lovely view of young people’s love in current society.

ji chang wook

After more than a decade of constantly renewing and challenging himself, Ji Chang Wook has now become one of the most sought-after actors in Korea. It can be seen that even after 10 years, the actor still makes many viewers fascinated with his “non-aging” visual and acting talent.

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