Reporter Lee Jinho dishes on Jessica’s estimated earnings in China’s entertainment industry after she debuts in a girl group

“Jessica must be surprised that it is so easy to make money in China.”

On August 8th, on the YouTube channel of entertainment reporter Lee Jinho, a video titled “Girls’ Generation’s Jessica sat on money in China | The reality of the 1.2 trillion won jackpot of a Chinese entertainment show”.

Lee Jinho started the video by saying, “Is it fate for Girls’ Generation’s 15th anniversary comeback and Jessica’s new start as a member of a Chinese girl group to overlap?

Lee Jinho continued, “Jessica appeared on the final stage of ‘Sisters Who Make Waves 3’, which was broadcast in China on August 5th, when Girls’ Generation was making a comeback. During the show, there were touching scenes. The most emotional scene was a cheering video sent by Jessica’s younger sister Krystal. Jessica couldn’t hide her tears when she watched this. The Chinese members who participated in the show also shed tears and showed support for Jessica.” In the video message, Krystal told Jessica, “I miss you. I love you”, and Jessica burst into tears. 

Lee Jinho added, “The results were as expected. In the final ranking, Jessica was 2nd place and is set to debut in the Chinese girl group. Jessica gained popularity by showing her superior skills to the Chinese members in both dancing and singing. In particular, seeing Jessica sob in a survival show was enough to capture the hearts of Chinese fans.”

Lee Jinho also mentioned that Jessica posted a handwritten letter in Chinese and English to express gratitude to her fans after the show. Lee Jinho said, “What does this mean? Jessica rarely wrote a letter to fans in Korean while promoting in Korea. Even when she was departing from Girls’ Generation, she did not share a handwritten letter. Also, Jessica communicated mainly in English on Instagram, which is her base in Korea. This is in stark contrast to her actively communicating in Chinese on China’s Weibo. We can see how much she loves Chinese fans.”

Lee Jinho continued, “Actually, until it was announced that Jessica was appearing in this survival program, Chinese fans were not seeing Jessica in a positive light. This is because it was also known locally that a company founded by Jessica and her boyfriend was sued for 8 billion won last year. She was criticized for having the dual citizenship of Korea and the US yet coming to China to make money.

Lee Jinho said, “However, Jessica changed Chinese fans’ minds thanks to her outstanding skills and active communication with fans. Jessica coming in 3rd place in the popularity ranking voted by fans proves this. This ranking is expected to be directly linked to her future earnings. How much money will Jessica make in the Chinese market? Since the girl group has not yet started activities, the local media have not been able to give an accurate estimate. However, it is possible to predict how large it will be.”

“‘Sisters Who Make Waves’ is one of the core contents of Mango TV. Thanks to its huge popularity, it has continued until season 3. As season 1 enjoyed explosive popularity, the market cap  of Mango TV jumped 13 billion yuan in five days. It is a whopping 2.5 trillion won. The stock price of Mango TV jumped more than 10% after the first episode of season 3 aired. The market cap reached 6.6 billion yuan, or 1.2 trillion won. Fans buy stocks for the members they support, which is a strange phenomenon. It proves that the program is incredibly popular. In particular, during season 1, two popular members conducted a live commercial broadcast. At the time, they drew attention by making sales of 19.2 billion won (100 million yuan) in just three hours.”

Lee Jinho said, “It is known that they get paid 450,000 yuan for one episode of their dramas. That means 86 million won. Jessica, a top-ranked participant of season 3, is also expected to earn comparable amounts. Jessica signed an agreement to continue working with Mango TV at the time of her appearance. She also reportedly signed an additional contract with MCN Agency. Thanks to this, she shot a luxury advertisement for Valentino in July. Since then, she has been working with various luxury magazines for pictorials. In particular, Jessica’s earnings are not expected to stop at just advertising and appearance fees. Jessica is a businesswoman who runs a business with her boyfriend. Jessica wore her own brand’s products several times on the show, attracting the attention of local fans. As a result, her fashion business that has stagnated for a while in China’s inland market is also expected to gain momentum.”

Lee Jinho added, “In China, there were articles saying, ‘Jessica must be surprised that it is so easy to make money in China.’ The 8 billion won lawsuit that her company suffered last year is now meaningless. It also means that Jessica has made a lot of money. However, throughout the show, Jessica did not mention or greet Korean fans at all, which is regrettable.”

Source: nate

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