Jessica was under fire for taking a selfie in her bathtub

Jessica is receiving a large number of negative comments from Korean netizens for posting videos of her in a bubble bath on her personal Instagram.

Although having left SNSD and limiting her activities as a singer, Jessica’s name still has a certain influence on the Korean public, and her actions have been widely discussed by netizens as well as the press. However, the concerns that Jessica receives mostly are hateful bashes.

Ever since Jessica became a solo artist, she has been receiving opposed feedbacks from netizens

Recently Jessica posted on her personal Instagram a video in which she had a bubble bath. While no video content actually crossed the line, the matter still appeared on many new sites and tons of criticisms were in the comment section below.

[+840, -23] Taking a bath on Instagram? I guess sooner or later she’d livestream while taking a dump then…

[+662, -19] She’s showing us everything she does including washing herself huh?

[+544, -18] A singer slash businesswoman? I don’t know about the singer thing, but do we have to see news about a businesswoman having a bath? I guess she hasn’t had a bath for so long that her bathing became a matter on the news now…

Sources: netizenbuzz

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