Jessica revealed Lovestagram with 9-year boyfriend Tyler Kwon?

Former SNSD member Jessica Jung shared an update on her sweet daily life

On December 22nd, Jessica posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption “Date night”. In the photo, Jessica can be seen sitting at a table while wearing a black slip dress at a high-end restaurant. Basking in the fancy atmosphere, Jessica made various poses and exuded chicness. 

jessica jung instagram

The female celebrity also shows her many expressions, from sweet and bright to bold and haught. 

Jessica did not directly mention who she was dating, but she has been dating businessman Tyler Kwon for 9 years since 2013. Since the two of them have updated their relationship through Lovestagram over time, speculations are emerging that the two went on a date for the end of the year.

jessica jung instagram

In fact, in April of 2021, Tyler Kwon posted on Instagram a picture of his shadow holding hands with Jessica and showed his affection with the caption, “My best friend.”

On the other hand, Jessica debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation (SNSD)  in August 2007 and left the group in September 2014. Recently, she appeared in China’s survival program “Sisters Who Make Wave Season 3”, eventually winning second place in the final, confirming her re-debut in a girl group.

jessica jung tyler kwon

She is also active in various fields, such as releasing a novel and opening a restaurant with her boyfriend.

Source: wikitree

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