Jessica proudly showed of her body in a swimsuit: A moving Coca-Cola bottle!

Recently, Jessica showed of her body figure in a swimsuit on her Instagram.

On August 17th, the former member of Girls’ Generation posted a photo on her Instagram with a caption: “Life is better at the beach”.

Jessica proudly showed her Coca-cola bottle body but was bashed by netizens

In the uploaded photo, Jessica was enjoying her vacation wearing a swimsuit that shows off her figure on a beach in Hawaii. Jessica‘s lean body draws lots of attentions from her followers as her lines resemble a Cola-Cola bottle so much. How Incredible!

On the other hand, Jessica departed from Girls’ Generation in September, 2014 and she is currently working as a solo singer.

Sources: Nate

[+901, -42] She bragged about being a designer, but in the end she opens a puppet show on SNS like this.

[+798, -50] She was bragging so much I thought she would so well after leaving Shoshi, but it seems that she fails hard.

[+26, -6] Look at how she looks taller. She is actually a midget. She looks 150cm tall in real life. When she stood with other SNSD members as a group. she looked really small. Even if she wore highheels, she would only reach Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun’s shoulder.

[+16, -2] That’s a body of a kid, where is the coca cola-bottle body you are talking about?

[+15, -1] Are her legs longer than before?

[+14, -2] To be honest, the body of a normal person looks better than this. She left the group after earning enough money, so I guess life is hanging around and spending money to her now.

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