Jessi, come back on March 17th…new title is “What Type of X”

Singer Jessi revealed her new title song

On the 9th, P Nation released Jessi’s new digital single title teaser image on the official SNS.

Jessi, come back

The new song title is “What Type of X”. It is a song that honestly express Jessi’s unique self-confidence and self-esteem.

There was charisma with the image, Jessi caught the eye with a unique fashion sense and confident.

Jessi, come back

It is a comeback in 8 months. Jessi released the mini album “Nuna” in July of last year. She received a lot of love for the title song.

Fans are expecting Jessi style song. She previously showed addictive songs such as “Drip” and “Who Dat B”.

Jessi, come back

Meanwhile, Jessi will be releasing her new single “What Type of X” on the 17th 6pm.

Sources: koreadispatch

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