Jeongyeon (TWICE) looked tired and faulty on stage but has been defended by the netizens for undergoing a series of events

TWICE fans grow concerned for Jeongyeon’s condition after seeing her latest “Inkigayo” performance.

TWICE have made a comeback with their 10th mini-album in their career called Taste of Love, with their music video titled Alcohol-Free. After a long absence, the girls were impressed with their beauty and new musical materials. Despite the conflicting opinions of the song, the group is making efforts to diversify themselves.

One of the most noticeable members in this comeback of TWICE is Jeongyeon. During their last promotion with I Can’t Stop Me, Jeongyeon was unable to join the group due to health problems. Therefore, this comeback is an opportunity for fans to meet Jeongyeon again after her long absence. However, she also encountered many incidents during the promotion of Alcohol-Free.

In particular, fans recently discovered that Jeongyeon made uncomfortable expressions while filming with TWICE for the SBS Inkigayo performance. Her face during the performance crumpled unconsciously, showing signs of shortness of breath due to exhaustion. This made their fans very worry.

Watch Jeongyeon’s fancam here:

Moreover, it seemed that Jeongyeon’s performance in videos posted on TWICE’s TikTok page is the most confusing for the viewers. Despite being known as the second most skilled female idol in the group, TWICE’s simple performance when standing still performing Alcohol-Free choreography turned out to be difficult for Jeongyeon.

It’s not difficult to see the awkwardness and lack of confidence in her eyes. She had to look at Tzuyu as if she was learning the moves, not promoting. What’s happening to Jeongyeon?

As mentioned above, Jeongyeon had a hard time with treatment. In order to have a comeback with TWICE as fans see now, she had to lose 8kg quickly. Although the female idol’s visual is very beautiful now, the fresh and confident aura of the JYP female idol is being affected.

The reason Jeongyeon had to lose 8kg was because of her previous treatment for an anxiety disorder. Not only has her mental health problems, but her physical health is also problematic. During the promotion of MORE & MORE, Jeongyeon made fans very worried because she had a neck injury and had to rest for a long time. It’s understandable that Jeongyeon feels tired while being on a fast diet as well as taking care of her physical and mental illness.

Understanding this, netizens not only did not criticize the female idol, but also defended and praised her talent and energy.

It is widely known that Jeongyeon has the most comprehensive talent, and the best potential in fashion in TWICE. With past talent and attitude confirmed, it is not a big deal now that her performance is a bit down. On the contrary, her health is the most important. 

Hope Jeongyeon soon overcomes all difficulties to move on with TWICE and their fans in the near future!

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