Jeon Somi’s beauty is upgraded after leaving JYP for YG, as gorgeous as a Final Fantasy character

The mix-blood goddess Jeon Somi stunned the public with her beauty. No one would have thought she is only 18 years old.

1 month ago, Jeon Somi announced that she will have her solo debut in March then decided to postpone it until May. Ever since her departure from JYP and joining YG’s The Black Label, Somi’s appearance has been through a transformation which has upgraded her beauty a lot more.

Attending an event at the ABC Mart in Myeongdong, Jeon became the center of attention for her high-class beauty. Dressed in a simple look but the young idol was still able to shine by herself. Her mix-blood appearance along with her confidence helped shines everywhere she goes. Even though these photos are unedited, she still looked as gorgeous as a fairy. These previews even looked like a magazine cover.

Jeon Somi is in the spotlight at the event even though she was just wearing a simple white shirt with basic brown hair.
The goddess is getting more and more gorgeous day by day.
The undeniable attractiveness of this born-in-2001 female idol even though she is only 18 years old.
It’s hard to believe that these are unedited fantakens. Somi’s beauty might has reached a high-class level.
She’s even more beautiful after her departure from JYP.

Source: kenh14