Jeon Somi revealed her ex-boyfriend and called him “DOG XX”

Singer Jeon So Mi told the story of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and even mentioned his real name.

Jeon Somi revealed her exboyfriend and called him “DOG XX”

On August 26, a video titled “There’s no turning back, Jeon So Mi and her love story” was uploaded on a Youtube Channel called “Hwangtae and Yang Miri

Jeon So Mi appeared as a guest for the content of this video. Being asked continuous questions about her love life, So Mi honestly confessed, “To be honest, I had a boyfriend when I was in middle school.”

Jeon Somi revealed her exboyfriend and called him “DOG XX”

She described her ex-boyfriend: “This friend was a member of the school’s football team. He used to put on hair wax, so he looked exactly like Kim Woo Bin.” Then, So Mi suddenly said, “His name is XXX”.

Yang Se Chan immediately asked, “Did you just reveal his name? Suddenly? The editor please *beep* this part. We need to protect XXX.”, making everyone burst into laughter.

After laughing so hard, she explained, “We dated for about 2 weeks, and after that, he dated my friend. That DOG XXX”

Actually, Jeon So Mi once mentioned her ex-boyfriend in a reality program; she said, “When I was in middle school, I dated a friend, but then he dumped me. Now, he is dating a friend who used to be close to me.”

Meanwhile, Jeon So Mi recently released her new song “DUMB DUMB

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