Jeon Somi has changed since attending high school

Somi has changed her images a lot since graduating from middle school and debuting.

Somi has changed her appearance a lot since being a high school student.

“Do you have confidence in being more beautiful than me?”… Jeon Somi‘s full beauty

“I am not a middle school student…” Jeon Somi‘s cute appearance

Somi reminds people of pink color

Another color of Jeon Somi, a middle school student’s powerful dance

She also matches orange color.

However, Jeon Somi has changed a lot since attending high school.

She is taller, isn’t she? She is totally beautiful at any angle

People can even mistake her for a college student due to her maturity and purity.

“I will be back soon.” Somi’s upcoming solo acivities are expected as well.

Below are some comments from netizens on Somi’s changes:

[+363,-51] She is beautiful, but her beauty seems to be overrated

[+346,-89] In an inverse way…

[+244,-47] She will gradually be forgotten.

[+21,-13] Is that rumor true?

Source: nate

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