Jeon Somi dominates Times Square in New York…The whole world is paying attention to her “XOXO”

Singer Jeon So-mi dominated Times Square in New York, USA.

An image announcing the release of Jeon So-mi‘s first full album “XOXO” was displayed on a large billboard at Times Square. After that, the singer uploaded this photo on her official SNS on Oct 30. The above-mentioned billboard was prepared by Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, to commemorate the release of Jeon So-mi’s new album.

Jeon Somi Time Square Billboard

Once again, we were able to realize the powerful global influence of Jeon So-mi as she lit up Times Square – the center of the world. “Solo queen” Jeon So-mi is showing more mature music and performances through “XOXO“.

While “DUMB DUMB” made Jeon So-mi’s “human high-teen” charm stand out, “XOXO” gave off the “charismatic bad girl” vibe. The title track “XOXO” is a pop genre song with Jeon So-mi’s unique voice that captivates listeners from the beginning.

Jeon Somi Time Square Billboard

In particular, TEDDY – the head of The Black Label – worked with famous American R&B singer-songwriter Pink Sweats to create a high-quality song for Jeon So-mi. In contrast to its lovely name, XOXO’s lyrics about letting your loved one go without hesitation in the midst of a breakup are receiving enthusiastic responses from music lovers.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-mi released her first full album “XOXO” on Oct 29.

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