Jeon Somi – beautiful rose with a youthful fashion sense

Not only attracted everyone with her gentle western beauty, singer Jeon Somi also impresses with a youthful and dynamic fashion style.

After the Produce 101 program, Jeon Somi is considered the new generation idol to be sought after in Korea. The 18-year-old star always stands out between the Kpop beauties thanks to the beauty of combination between Korea and Canada. Leaving JYP, she joined YG’s small company – The Black Label. Somi impresses audiences in youthful, dynamic outfits suitable for her age.

She is often invited by magazines to appear in fashion photos, showing the youthful and stylish looks.

Preppy style is the top favorite of this beauty. She often selects outfits such as a comfortable shirt, a combination of leather skirt and a typical denim jacket.

Jeon Somi’s costumes are usually simple items like t-shirts, blazer, skirt or jeans. The style of the beautiful idol is considered as not too flashy by the audience, but still trendy.

Sneakers are always a favorite item of Jeon Somi in street style pictures. They made her feel comfortable and are suitable for the style she pursues.

The mix of simple clothes becomes the secret for Jeon Somi to enhance her gentle and feminine mixed beauty. Embroidery or colorful bags are her indispensable accessories whenever she appears on the street.

Somi is 1m69 tall, so the pleated short skirts help her show off her slender legs and smooth white skin.

At the age of 18, pastel colors such as pink, blue or purple always match Jeon Somi’s image. She doesn’t pursue the fashionista images like other artists, but she still attracts the fans’ attention thanks to the youthful outfits that are right for her age.

The combination of Jeon Somi’s outfit is very simple with an oversized shirt and sneakers, mixed with a handbag.

Sometimes, she also changes her style with cool ripped jeans and boots. However, her feminine face is difficult to match this style.

Moreover, sexy and high-fashion clothes are still not suitable for Jeon Somi’s current image. The gentle and feminine outfits are always favored, helping her to increase her charm on each photo.

Sources: zing

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