Jeon So-mi confessed: “From JYP to The Black, I was so happy to meet Teddy while I was struggling practicing alone”

Fans are enjoying the tiki-taka chemistry between singer So-mi and Jae-jae.  

Jeon So-mi appeared on SBS web entertainment show “MMTG,” which was released on the afternoon of Nov 11th, to promote her new album, spreading her irreplaceable charm.  In this “MMTG” episode which was arranged like an American talk show, Jeon So-mi appeared in a red dress that overwhelmed the audience’s eyes and boasted high excitement by exchanging hugs with Jae-jae from the start. 

Jeon Somi The Black Label Story

In particular, among the MBTI types, Jeon So-mi and Jae-jae are the ENFP type. They added fun to the show with their fantastic teamwork throughout the broadcast, such as making the greeting for ENFPs. Jeon So-mi and Jae-jae, who went on carpool, had a dance time while listening to the music. As they were listening to aespa‘s Savage”, Jae-jae asked, “I know that you are friends with aespa Giselle. How did you guys become close friends?” to which Jeon So-mi answered, “I approached her first. After exchanging numbers, I see her every other day now,” she said, drawing attention by showing off her extraordinary sociability. 

Jeon Somi The Black Label Story

Jeon So-mi then said about the reason why she moved to her current agency The Black Label, “I was really grateful that Teddy was talking about our future plans with a smile. It was when I couldn’t choose a company yet, I had a hard time practicing alone, but I was so happy to meet producer Teddy at that time,” she confessed honestly. 

Regarding the “DUMB DUMB” challenge, which had received keen attention from global fans, she surprised fans by saying, “I did everything from casting to the pickup myself.”  Finally, Jeon So-mi said, “It was so nice to be at Jae-jae’s show. Please also show a lot of love for the “XOXO” album. This dress is really worn just to promote the album. I hope there will be a result of your efforts,” she said, drawing laughter.


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