Jeon Hye Bin has recovered her slim body in less than a month after childbirth

Actress Jeon Hye Bin revealed her recent status after giving birth.

On Oct 28th, Jeon Hye Bin posted a few photos and videos on her SNS account along with a caption saying, “I always watch cute things every day, that’s why I’m going to see some pretty things today,” adding, “Additional advertisement shots below, from the advertisement with only my face taken at the end of my pregnancy.”

jeon hye bin instagram

In the released video, Jeon Hye Bin draws attention by looking at the commercial video she appeared in and posing looking forward while turning her hair over. Along with this, the photo released showed her taking a selfie. Her slim body, which she recovered in less than a month after giving birth, is drawing attention.

jeon hye bin

Meanwhile, Jeon Hye Bin married a dentist who is 2 years older than her in 2019 and reported the news of her first child on September 30th this year.

Source: nate

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