“Jennie’s rumored boyfriend” V was targeting G-Dragon with the daisy flower photo on SNS?… Here is the truth

BTS V, who recently drew attention due to his dating rumors with BLACKPINK Jennie, turned down rumors of him targeting G-Dragon.

Jennie and V were embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship in May when photos containing their private life moments, such as on a trip to Jeju Island or at a makeup shop, were leaked one after another.

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Jennie was also rumored to have been dating Big Bang G-Dragon in February last year. In particular, Jennie and V’s dating suspicion was raised 3 days after Jennie and G-Dragon’s breakup rumor broke out.

As V recently released a black-and-white photo of withering daisy flowers on his Instagram, some people raised speculations, such as “Isn’t he targeting G-Dragon?”.

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Daisy is the signature image of a fashion brand run by G-Dragon and his older sister. G-Dragon has also introduced many items with daisy flower patterns. This is why daisy flowers are considered G-Dragon’s symbol.


On December 7th, BTS’s official Youtube channel released “Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’ Teaser” for V’s photobook project. As similar withered daisy flowers were also found in the teaser, suspicions of V targeting G-Dragon were also proven not true.

In response to this, Internet users commented, “How can people believe in such theories?”, “He was just giving a spoiler for his photoshoot”, “V must have felt very frustrated”, “Those rumors make me angry”, etc.

In October, YG Entertainment announced that they had filed a complaint regarding the leak of Jennie’s private photos, saying “We have already requested a police investigation into the first distributor of (Jennie’s) private photos)”.

Source: Nate

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