Jennie wore warmly, So Won wore short skirts showing off her long legs

Jennie used a mask and hat to hide her tired expressions at the airport.

After finishing the schedule, BLACKPINK returned to Korea. Jennie looked sick and wore a mask and beret hat to cover her face. A hoodie and jeans helped the singer keep warm but still feel comfortable.
Rosé showed her style with a Balenciaga jacket, Gucci shoes and a crop top showing off her tiny waist.
Ji Soo always appears with a feminine look, like a schoolgirl with a denim jacket, a short skirt and a Gucci bag.
In the unmodified photo, Lisa, the youngest member made the fans jealous of her long and slim legs. The sweater crop top helped her not only keep warm but also show off her perfect body.
On the way to Japan, Jennie proved herself to be a devoted ambassador when advertising Chanel’s new towel at the same time.
Fans felt sad to see the singer look tired because of the cold weather at the airport.
Blazers and vests become the first choices as the winter is about to come. Lisa made herself become more impressive with a unique bag that is worth more than 11 million.
Wearing velvet material seems to make one look older, but it is still used by many idols at the airport or on the red carpet.
Ji Soo looked so adorable with a pretty little backpack when going to the airport.

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