Jennie was dating again, Cnet suddenly felt sorry for Rosé

March is coming, and will Rosé’s solo debut go well

After Rosé’s impressive performance at BLACKPINK‘s concert THE SHOW on January 31, 2021, Kpop fans are now looking forward to the next information about her solo debut.  Rosé‘s solo plan has been announced since 2018, but for many reasons, it was delayed until early this year.

Releasing a teaser on January 25, 2021, with the stage of GONE at the group’s concert, but it turns out they are all that fans can get from Rosé up to now.  It has been nearly a month since her solo stage at the group concert, but fans have yet to receive official news about Rosé’s MV release date and upcoming schedule.  Moreover, information about G-Dragon and Jennie’s dating also became the focus of attention

The biggest question posed by BLACKPINK fans at the moment is: How will Rosé’s solo debut plan be?

On February 10, 2021, a series of Korean news sites announced the plan of Rosé’s solo debut.  Accordingly, she will have a debut schedule in March.  But what the fans are most worried about at the moment is that after her last appearance at the group’s concert on January 31st, Rosé has not had any personal schedule up to now

Previously, the b-sides track GONE created a remarkable effect on Kpop fans.  GONE’s teaser reached 43 million views on YouTube after a month, the online stage earned more than 280,000 followers and thousands of copies reposted on YouTube also reached approximately 1 million views.

Besides, GONE has also become a dance challenge that is created and performed by a large number of young people.  The effect was so impressive, but after a month, the online community seemed to have forgotten Rosé’s solo plan.


Releasing a teaser on the night of January 25, a week before the online concert took place and then Rosé did not have any activities.  YG’s action indirectly caused fans to speculate whether this company is taking advantage of fans.  They said that YG deliberately teased Rosé’s solo so that fans had to buy tickets, but in fact, Rosé’s schedule has yet to be decided.

After all, fans have gradually become impatient.  Some comments of Cnets are as follows:

– Rosé’s solo plan has been delayed a long time, just teasing a little and then disappeared.

 – I have a feeling that Rosé is not pushed at all, the company does not care about her

 – What’s wrong with YG?

– From the very beginning, YG didn’t care about Rosé.

– Many non-fans even think that Rosé has been solo, I don’t know how much longer they’ll delay.  Someone thought that Rosé had made a solo debut and it was flop.

– YG only gave information about Rosé’s solo debut to sell more concert tickets, right?

Jennie was dating again, Cnet suddenly felt sorry for Rosé

According to the plan reported by the press, in March Rosé will officially release the MV.  March is coming, will BLACKPINK’s main vocal solo debut still be promoted by YG as planned?  The most essential thing right now to warm up Rosé’s solo debut is an official announcement from YG

Jennie was dating again, Cnet suddenly felt sorry for Rosé

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