Jennie ♥ V caught wearing couple bracelets, netizens speculated at least 4 months relationship

With additional photos said to be BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie, reactions are pouring in over their supposed “couple bracelets”.

On September 22nd, a photo of a man and woman, who are presumed to be BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V wearing matching Pooh T-shirts started to spread through an online community. 

Here, other than the couple T-shirts, netizens’ attention was also drawn to the similar bracelet adorned by the two.

bts v jennie

In particular, many started to analyze Jennie and V’s supposed relationship, pointing to various other occasions where the two were spotted wearing the same bracelet, and estimated their dating period based on these “evidences”. “We have confirmed that the two have been wearing the same bracelet since May”, they claimed. 

Previously, V and Jennie constantly made hot topics over alleged “leaked photos” of them together, which were taken in the waiting room, during a trip to Jeju Island, inside their own house, and most viral, a photo of V, presumed to be lying in Jennie’s bed. 

bts v jennie

Based on the “leaked photos”, some speculated that this relationship might have begun back in 2021

However, against the stream of supposedly leaked photos, V’s agency HYBE Labels and Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment both maintain their silence. 

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