Jennie talked about the harsh trainee life at YG Entertainment

Recently, the ace member of the group – Jennie – revealed about BLACK PINK’s life as trainees. When being asked about the monthly test, the 24-year-old idol said:

“The monthly tests…it was a cold world. We had a lot to do such as picking our own outfits, choosing our team, dividing the parts, finding songs, making MRs, choreographing and basically everything for the test. Back then, we didn’s know that it was that hard, we just thought that this was what we had to do. Like how you guys never question yourself why should I go to school, right? But that harsh period is what made us the BLACK PINK of today”.

Currently, BLACK PINK has become the top KPOP girl group and is on the way to attack the US market. Although the trainee years were extremely hard and bitter, the girls reaped great rewards for their efforts.

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