Jennie showed off her newly bought iPhone13 even though Jisoo was earlier criticized for this reason

Following Rosé and Jisoo, Jennie is also the next to buy a new iPhone. 

Jennie is one of BLACKPINK’s most well-known members. She not only draws attention to herself because of her musical talent and attractive appearance, but she also has a distinct fashion sense that makes everything she wears become new trends. Recently, she has officially bought a new iPhone.

blackpink jennie

Despite many criticisms of Korean netizens about BLACKPINK girls turning their backs on Samsung, Jennie followed Jisoo and Rosé to buy the newest iPhone – iPhone 13 Pro Max.  The color version that she chose is a newly released color –  Sierra Blue.

blackpink jennie
Jennie updated the new story to show her newly bought iPhone 13 Pro Max
Jisoo was once criticized for using iPhone
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