Jennie revealed the most difficult part about touring. The result was out of all predictions.

For Jennie, perhaps performing for hours on stage is not as difficult as this thing!

Back before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, BLACKPINK regularly held concerts, their first world tour, In Your Area was a huge success.  The girls have visited many countries.  Every time, the girls also stir the audience with their catchy hits.

BLACKPINK runs the tour for a long time, so sometimes they can’t avoid feeling tired.  In the live broadcast of the group’s 3rd anniversary, Jennie revealed the biggest difficulty for her when organizing a long tour.

Lisa thought she would say “time differences”, many fans also believed that Jennie’s difficulty was related to injury or performance.  However, she gave a more unexpected answer—packing their luggage!

Jennie Blackpink Touring1
Jennie Blackpink Touring2

The female idol revealed that every time she changed hotels, she also struggled with arranging her personal belongings, and the whole group had to move every single day.  Jennie shared: “When we were on tour, that was the most difficult thing—packing our luggage. Each day, we went to a different hotel”.

Jennie Blackpink Touring3

BLACKPINK is a celebrity, so they have a lot of personal items.  The whole group also had to move so frequently, so they were unable to avoid forgetting a few items. Jennie mentioned losing a shirt every time they transferred hotels.

Jennie Blackpink Touring4

However, it is fortunate that the 4 girls are ambassadors of high-end fashion brands.  Jennie is the ambassador of Chanel, Rosé is the global brand ambassador of YSL, Lisa is the “muse” of Celine, Jisoo also becomes the ambassador of Dior Korea.  Therefore, if BLACKPINK has left a few shirts while running the tour, it is not a big problem.

Jennie Blackpink Touring5

Sources: kenh14

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