Jennie officially debuts with an impressive solo song

Jennie brought a perfect combination of fashion, vocal and performance skills.

Recently, Jennie (BLACK PINK) performed her first solo song “SOLO” at BLACK PINK’s concert in Seoul. This is the first time Jennie has had a solo song after debuting as a member of BLACK PINK. The song reportedly received a lot of positive feedback from Korean netizens.

Today (November 12th), Jennie officially released the long-awaited music video of “SOLO.” K-POP fans all around the world can now enjoy the song in the most complete way.

About “SOLO”, this is a product that Jennie has exerted a lot of efforts. “I want to create the harmony between the three aspects: fashion, performance and vocals. During the preparation period for “SOLO”, I had a lot of ideas about the concept that I wanted to start working on it. The other members are also planning to solo, I hope this will be a good start.

Jennie’s single is a hip-hop song that is mixed a little with pop to fit the public’s tastes . The chorus is considered attractive with the added simple tunes that will immediately make listeners attracted. “SOLO” was produced the music witch Teddy Park, so fans can completely feel secure about the quality of the song.

Source: TN

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