Jennie – G-Dragon are happily dating or is it just a publicity stunt?

Netizens suspect that the dating news of Jennie – G-Dragon is just a tool to help YG hide their scandals.

On the morning of August 16, Korean media suddenly reported that Jennie and G-Dragon were still happily dating. The male singer also visited the set of Jennie’s photoshoot. However, the Star News site did not provide any pictures as evidence. The sudden mention of the two idols’ dating also made many people suspicious. Currently, there are many fans who still refuse to believe that Jennie and G-Dragon are actually in a romantic relationship. They even claim that this is just a publicity stunt from YG.

YG is currently in crisis because Seungri was sentenced to prison, CEO Yang Hyun Suk is under investigation for threatening the victim who accused B.I (IKON) of using illegal drugs. This information has continuously affected the image of the company, so there is a “conspiracy theory” that the dating news of Jennie – G-Dragon being released at this time is to distract and make the public no longer focus on the series of negative news. Immediately after the articles were published, Jennie and G-Dragon entered the top trending in Korea.

So far, no intimate photos of Jennie and G-Dragon have been released. Dispatch only shared photos of the two idols at the same location. Some users on Twitter wrote: “Everytime there is bad news, this article will appear immediately. Jennie and G-Dragon are extremely popular so they are just being taken advantage of”, “Jennie and G-Dragon dating has no proof at all. Want me to believe? Give an actual photo of them together. If G-Dragon came to visit Jennie, then where’s the proof? Stop using Jennie as a clickbait, leave her alone.”

Many fans think that the dating news between Jennie and GD is just a PR stunt.
Fans don’t believe it because Jennie and GD don’t have intimate photos.

However, there are still many rational fans who have voiced their support for G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship, saying that they are a talented, beautiful couple and there is no problem when idols date. Celebrities also have the right to be in a relationship. Jennie & G-Dragon dating also has many proofs such as couple items: G-Dragon used to wear a bracelet engraved with the letter “J”, and Jennie was also seen wearing accessories from Peace Minus One, G-Dragon’s personal fashion brand. Big Bang’s leader sister, Kwon Dami, also follows Jennie on Instagram.

Here are some comments on Theqoo: “Well, I hope they’re happy”, “It’s okay, both are rich and famous”, “Jennie is living life like a novel”, “So what if they’re dating, I’m happy for them”…


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