Jennie doesn’t think she wants to share money with Black Pink’s members

The singer reportedly had a sensitive statement about the money split in the group, causing MC Yoo Jae Suk to be surprised.

Jennie is participating in the reality show Village Survival 8-1000 with national MC Yoo Jae Suk. First time being an official member of a reality show but she received a lot of praise for her positive responses and humorous smart comments. The Black Pink member said, “I told them how I was a genius and my inference in the show, and they said that I had to win and share the prize with them.”

When it comes to sharing the prize, Jennie has a pretty fierce statement: “Splitting money is ridiculous, they do not do anything. Money is another matter.” MC Yoo Jae Suk was surprised at the singer’s statement and said, “You can share with them, you made me surprised.”

Based on Jennie’s statement, netizens speculated that Black Pink did not divide the income equally and anyone who works more gets more. Jennie is definitely the most earning member of the group right now due to her solo debut, reality show appearance and being a model for Chanel.

Cute Jennie in the reality show.

In many girl groups, when first debuting, the members with the most solo work shared the same amount of money to other members, which is the case of Suzy (Miss A) and Se Jeong (Gugudan). However, this causes controversies because it is unfair to the person who works the most. To choose whether to split the money equally or who works more earns more can cause a lot of controversies.

An entertainment company explains, “In the case of an equal division of income, members with more active schedules complain the most.” And with the way each member retains his or her own income, the less well-known members (with less work) are the ones who complain the most.”

In fact, SM and JYP apply the split evenly method when a new group launches and YG often lets individual members keep their income.

Black Pink is planning a US debut but is not getting the support of fans. Having debuted for 3 years but the group has only nine songs, so BLINKs are asking YG to focus on composing music for Black Pink to promote rather than further plans. The company’s plan to debut a new female group also prompted many fans to worry that YG will soon forget about Black Pink to focus on the new group.

Source: iOne

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