Jennie (BlackPink) was taking selfies at Coachella, but people just pay attention to Rosé behind

With Rosé and Jennie (Black Pink) in the same frame, who’s the prettier?

Coming to Coachella – the biggest music festival of the world, BlackPink immediately became the focus of attention. Right before the performance, the girls took their chances to show off some clips and photos taken at the event, in which they looked extremely gorgeous and stunning. In the most recent clip, Jennie was playing around with Rosé, the beauty of these two quickly went viral on the social network.

Although Jennie is always the member who attract the most attention and she was also holding the camera, this time the spotlight is on Rosé standing behind her. With curly blond hair and outfit that could not be sexier, Rosé looked like a princess from a foreign land, overshadowing Jennie. Fan also noticed that Rosé is getting more and more beautiful, especially in recent times.


Jennie and Rosé (Black Pink) were surprisingly beautiful in the “selfie” clip at Coachella
Rosé was so beautiful that she overwhelmed Jennie in the same frame

Rosé (Black Pink) shows off her sexy and stunning look at Coachella
Rosé’s images at Coachella went viral
The beauty of the main vocalist of Black Pink is increasingly “upgraded” lately

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