Jennie (BlackPink) professionally dealts with her scratched tights and makes the netizens go crazy

Jennie’s professional way of dealing with the scratch on her tights is a hot topic online at the moment.

Recently, Black Pink made a big comeback with the new mini album “Square Up”. Last week, the girlgroup of YG has dominated the weekend music stage and given an excellent performance to their fans. In that performance, there was a moment which showed to everyone the professionalism of BlackPink and also got them many praises from the audience.

During the recording of a weekend music stage, Jennie, the pretty rapper who has the nickname “mandu”, made their fans go crazy with her professional way of dealing with a clothing incident. While Black Pink was performing their difficult choreography of the new song, Jennie’s tights were scratched and got stuck with her accessories, making it hard for her to dance. By the motto of giving up difficult problems and throwing away cumbersome things, Jennie quickly teared her tights up and continued with the performance energetically. But importantly, she still looked very charismatic.

Jennie’s extremely professional way of handling the incident immediately makes netizens go crazy. With these “necessity is the mother of invention” situations, we can see that Korean idols are really well trained on not only their vocal and choreography skill but even incident handling skill.

Not so long ago, Sana (TWICE) made a hot topic too, not because of the “Sha Sha Sha” aegyo but because of the way she quickly putting her dropped earrings in her bra in a performance but still keeping on her loveliness.

Those make us all realize that becoming an idol is not easy at all. It’s a strict training process with their sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears. Behind a bright smile it was their huge efforts throughout many years of training.

After reading this article, whether you are a Hallyu fan or not, please love and cherish those Korean idols who had been trained so hard to be able to to make high-quality entertaining products more.

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