Jennie (BlackPink) was “criticized” for being “a judge” despite her only 1-year debut

Many people think that YG is over treating this Black Pink member with partiality and that Jennie is not qualified enough to sit on the same table with other artists.

On 28 Oct, the 1st showcase of the survival show “Mix 9” was streamed live through Naver V Live before the 1st episode will officially be broadcasted on Sunday, 29 Oct. What made the audience surprised was the appearance of Jennie – a member of BlackPink – as according to previous news, besides Dad Yang, only Seungri, Zion.T, Taeyang, CL and JYP are the other judges of the show.

Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG
4 judges of Mix 9 today

Most of the audience were not happy with the appearance of Jennie as a judge. Jennie as well as Black Pink has just debuted for over a year, which means that they are still very young with little experience. Meanwhile, besides some newbies and interns among the participants of Mix 9, there are a lot of groups that have debuted for years – long time enough to be Jennie’s “sunbae”. Therefore, it is unacceptable for a little sister like Jennie to give comments to or advise these participants, especially in a country like Korea where the “sunbae” – “hoobae” relationship is extremely appreciated.

Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG
Audience are not happy with Jennie’s appearance as a judge.
Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG
Some participants in Mix 9 are newbies
Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG
…but there are still some idols who debuted a long time ago.

On the other hand, many people thought that this Black Pink member only participated as a special guest to encourage the participants. She wouldn’t give them points or comments, so there’s nothing to be “serious” about. Moreover, even though her group has debuted for a year only, Jennie has been an intern with 6 years of experience and a multi-talented idol, so her participation on the show is possible. Jennie is a multi- talented idol with the “top” singing, dancing and rapping skills among recent newbies. Before debuting with Black Pink, she used to have a long time being an intern under the YG’s “basement”

However, the negative comments kept claiming that her appearance as a judge will not only have no effects but also create pressures for other participants because most of them were not successful despite being debuted for a long time

Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG
Jennie’s actions and unrelated sayings in a survival show like Mix 9
Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG
just create more pressures for the participants and make the atmosphere tenser.

Source: Yannews

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