Q: K-PoP is growing very fast, I mean everyone knows where you are from or in other words, the world knows BLACKPINK. I am quite curious about how you feel, now the music is gradually changing into a suitable direction for the public, the type that every time you release a new music product, everyone will be very excited, eagerly looking forward to it, and wanting to see what the next video. Then does that make you feel a lot of pressure? Or just “Oh okay, this is my group, let’s become the representative group”

JENNIE: Jennie: Um … In our country, there are many other artists are famous all around the world as well, just like we are doing now, and we have watched every step of the way. them and grow up gradually. You know, we wish to become a group who opens up the door for other artists to spread their music, because music is not just for your own country. Only can be spread to the whole world, of course the language barrier is something that doesn’t exist in music.

Rosé: I heard that people are slowly getting into the music world more and more, and I think they’re getting friendlier …

Jennie: More fortunate, I know that they have spent time getting to know us through a variety of content.

Rosé: And since social media is more popular now and there are more platforms for people to connect to our music and videos, I feel very happy that useful thing is now exist. And in the quarantine time, I had a feeling that everyone was gradually joining social media. So I hope that can help other foreign artists, as well as our K-Pop artist do it, kind of like spreading the music widely and turning the dream come true again

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