Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK) will collaborate with Bella Poarch in the remix of “Build A B*tch”?

Many American news sites simultaneously reported on the collaboration of BLACKPINK members with Bella Poarch. 

Just last week, Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK) caused a stir among netizens when they suddenly appeared in Los Angeles, USA to carry out a music project.  The 2 BLACKPINK members also constantly appear with their friends who are famous artists and hot girls like Jaden Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Sofia Richie… And of course, the rumors about the collab or the collaboration product between the 2 BLACKPINK members and those stars arose again!

Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK) will collaborate with Hot TikToker Bella Poarch in the remix of "Build A B*tch"?

Especially on the morning of July 22, Jennie and Rosé attracted attention when they were caught hanging out with the famous TikToker Bella Poarch.  Bella Poarch is currently a well-known name everywhere not only because of her possession of the 3rd most powerful TikTok account in the world, but also with her catchy hit Build A B*tch.  And up to now, many American newspapers and news sites have simultaneously reported on the most likely combination between the 3 girls.

Jennie and Rosé (BLACKPINK) will collaborate with Hot TikToker Bella Poarch in the remix of "Build A B*tch"?

Accordingly, many inside sources have said that Jennie and Rosé did not just go on a date with Bella Poarch but will actually have a collaboration in the globally famous remix of the hit Build A B*tch. With the addictive drop and the meaningful message conveyed, the song “Build A B*tch” shake the whole TikTok world up. Bella Poarch’s MV Build A B*tch has received over 252 million views and over 175 million Spotify streams in just over two months since its release.

Before that, Bella Poarch expressed her desire to collaborate with BLACKPINK, especially with Rosé in an interview.  Bella Poarch gave an interview to ELLE: “My dream collaboration is with Rosé, I love Kpop, I love BLACKPINK!”

If Bella Poarch’s collaboration with the two members of BLACKPINK materializes, the song is sure to cause a sensation on all social media platforms.

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