Jennie and Lisa wow fans with their new photoshoot

BlackPink on W Korea Magazine: Lisa and Jennie are the two most prominent members.

On October 20th, W Magazine released Black Pink‘s photos for November 2018 Issue. In the photos, YG beauties pursue a seductive, mysterious concept.
The most impressive member is Jennie. She also has the most solo photos in the group.
She impresses with a deep brown layout makeup, focusing on her eyes.
From her outfits, jewelries to hairstyles, Jennie is charismatic with sexy looks.
Her aura also received praise from fans.
Besides Jennie, Lisa is another outstanding member in the photo series.
If Jennie fits the sexy style, Lisa is a fashionable, mischievous lady.
Black Pink’s rapper shows off her perfect body and high fashion look.
Lisa’s poses were praised for “not inferior to professional models” or “it would be a waste if she doesn’t become a model with that face and body.”

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