Jennie and Jisoo showed off their beauty in the teaser videos: one was fancy, while another was as radiant as an actress

The BLACKPINK teasers videos had been completed with the appearances of Jennie and Jisoo.

YG is really hard working to release the concept teaser video of BLACKPINK continuously on the weekend. On the morning of September 27, the company just surprised fans with short videos of Lisa and Rosé, then in the afternoon of the same day YG continued to release the teasers of Jennie and Jisoo.

The video teaser of Jennie and Jisoo also had the same texture as the video of the Lisa and Rosé. They walked in the deserted car park at night. At the end of the videos of Jennie and Jisoo, there was also a short music with a deep melody.

However, if Rosé and Lisa had a sad, mysterious beauty, the charisma of the two oldest members was completely different. Jennie’s expression made her look like a noble and arrogant lady.

Jisoo sometimes had a “bad girl” image with smoky eyes and a tattoo on her face. Sometimes she was as charming as Miss Korea with red lipstick. Many people believed that Jisoo owned the actor’s eyes because they were very soulful.

Admiring the beauty of Jennie and Jisoo, fans commented:

  • Jisoo has the aura of an actress
  • Kim Jennie looks like a lady. Love you, Jen
  • The teaser is beautiful in every part. Jisoo increasingly beautiful and attractive.
  • Their visual really exploded. There is no doubt about those beauty.

Each member has their own styles, but in combination, they are extremely harmonious.Rarely does a group have a diverse style like BLACKPINK. No matter what concept they try on, it all suits them. However, the teaser videos of YG’s idols are often different from the official versions. So it’s not clear how they look like in the MV!

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