Jay Park to establish a new agency with Kakao Entertainment’s investment and produce a new idol group

Jay Park (Park Jae-beom), a former member of idol group 2PM, will become the producer of an idol group.

According to reports from an official in the entertainment industry, Jay Park, who stepped down as CEO of AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC last year, has recently started preparing for the establishment of his agency. In particular, Kakao Entertainment is said to join Jay Park’s move, drawing more attention. Entertainment industry officials revealed that Kakao Entertainment will invest a huge amount in establishing Jay Park’s new agency.

In this regard, Kakao Entertainment said, “Park Jae-beom is an artist who has proved his talents in various fields as a singer and a producer”, adding, “Kakao Entertainment is promoting music content business through collaboration with many partners in the music industry, and we are currently discussing various types of business partnerships with Park Jae-beom. However, nothing has been specifically confirmed yet.”

Jay Park new agency

Jay Park is said to be forming an idol group under his new agency. If that happens, the original idol who debuted as 2PM’s main dancer and lead vocalist in 2008 is expected to become a hot issue in terms of producing junior idols. As an idol created by Jay Park, who is proficient in hip-hop and R&B, the color is bound to be different from existing idols.

The industry predicted, “Just as JYP’s Park Jin-young succeeded in creating idol groups that utilized his own color, Jay Park will be able to bring a new wind to the music industry by producing idols with his own feeling.”

Jay Park new agency

Meanwhile, Jay Park established the hip-hop label AOMG in 2013 and attracted attention by presenting sensuous music works as well as contents. In addition, he created the first Korean hip-hop label named “Sign Here” to discover new faces. The male singer also expanded his influence by recruiting “Korean Zombie” Jung Chan-sung to enter the sports entertainment industry.

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