Jay B reveals what he wants to do for GOT7 members after the group’s departure from JYP

After changing his stage name and leaving the management company JYP, Jay B recently attended a new show as a solo singer and shared a lot about his current status.

Jay B (former stage name: JB) has just appeared on the MBC radio show Kim Shin Young’s song of hope.  The leader of GOT7 appeared as a solo singer and shared a lot about his current activities.


JayB, who shared that it’s his first time at MBC without his members, commented, “I have to fill seven spots by myself. It feels comfortable because our voices aren’t overlapping like before, but I do feel a bit pressured.”

When he was suggested by Kim Shin Young that he could try to be the CEO of a certain company, Jay B did not hesitate to share: “That’s possible, but I’m not confident because I still have to study a lot. Maybe I can create an agency for GOT7 later on.”


In addition, Jay B also revealed the reason he left JYP in early 2021. According to the male singer, he decided to join H1GHR Music at Jay Park’s invitation because at that time, he himself was still looking for a new company to sign the contract. 

The GOT7 member said, “I was looking for an agency to sign with, and when I was about to decide one and sign with them, Jaebum hyung contacted me. I actually really liked H1GHR MUSIC, so I wanted to meet him and talk to him. I saw him right away on the day we talked, and things changed a lot.”

In early 2021, Dispatch announced that GOT7 members decided to leave JYP Entertainment after 7 years of working together.  According to the group’s media representative, the members are very close to each other, so they want to leave at the same time.  However, they also stated that GOT7 will not disband and they promised to reunite one day soon.


Notably, JB – GOT7’s leader changed his new stage name to Jay B, worked as a solo, and just released his own E.P.  He quickly got his first achievement when reaching #1 on iTunes album charts in 36 countries.

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