Japanese surgeon praised Tzuyu for having perfect beauty that is difficult to create by plastic surgery

Recently, Mikiya Takasu, the director of Nagoya Clinic, a famous Japanese plastic surgeon, posted a video mentioning Tzuyu (Twice).  He revealed that Tzuyu is one of the top 10 female artists chosen by clients as a model when visiting his clinic in 2020. Although Tzuyu ranks 7th on the list, he still considers her as the most beautiful one in the top 10.


According to Mikiya Takasu, Tzuyu has a very balanced face that closely matches the golden ratio in aesthetic conception.  The facial features of the Taiwanese female idol are very harmonious, the facial contour is perfect. “Her arch bone is not very big. Her double eyelids are very beautiful. The nose is perfect, proportionate. Basically, the parts of her face go well together. In general, it is impossible for girls with normal appearance to have surgery to look like Tzuyu,” commented Dr. Takasu.

In the list of 10 female artists mentioned above, Tzuyu is the only Kpop star, also the only foreigner.  The remaining 9 beauties are all famous Japanese singers and actresses such as: Hashimoto Kanna, Hirose Suzu, Kirara Asuka, Nozomi Sasaki, Minami Hamabe, Asuka Saito, Meru Nukumi, Tenka Hashimoto, Yoshioka Riho.  In 2019, Tzuyu also ranked 6th in this chart.

Fans agree with the comments of doctor Mikiya Takasu.  This is not the first time that the youngest member of Twice has been highly appreciated by plastic surgeons for her perfect face.  In 2020, a group of plastic surgeons in Korea made a similar assessment, saying that Tzuyu has the most perfect and balanced beauty in Twice.  The female idol born in 1999 also regularly appears on Kpop forums thanks to her outstanding visual.  Despite being a foreigner, Tzuyu is still enthusiastically loved by Korean fans.

Source: ione