Japanese idols debuted in Korea: some change their styles, some are still the same

Most Japanese idols who are dressed in Korean style are pretty good, but there are also people who almost do not change a thing.

Not coincidentally, Korea is dubbed the paradise to create the best of idols in Asia. If you have a chance to debut in this country, even if you are not successful, you are still more beautiful. Simply because their makeup technology is extremely “advanced”. For the most part, Japanese idols who move to Korea all have a spectacular change in styles. They are changing from ordinary beauty to becoming more beautiful.

Momo (Twice) should thank the hair stylists and makeup artists in Korea for helping her make this spectacular transformation. Apparently, she looked more beautiful, plumper and even a few years younger than before.
Mina (Twice) also has a case of “successful puberty” after her debut in Korea. Here, people know the type of makeup that is simple and suits her. At the same time, they also gave her a long fringe, showing her bright face instead of flat bang.
Same fringe- curly hair but Murase Sae (Wiki48) while in Japan and Korea is like 2 different people. When she was back in her hometown, her fringe was stuck to her face, causing her features to be rougher. In contrast, Koreans know how to change it to make her face look smaller and of course more luxurious.
Hitomi (I*Zone) is an almost unchanged case when it comes to Korea. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that Hitomi’s hairstyle is “up to life” significantly, making her more “beautiful and light” than she once was.
Shitao Miu (Wiki48) should also thank Korean hair stylists for resolving her bangs. At the present time, when she keeps the fringe like this, her face has become more attractive.
Sakura (I * Zone) Japanese version looks different from Sakura’s Korean version. Obviously, the type of professionalism that she received before could not be as high as it is now. That’s not to mention the change of the excellent hairstyle.
Nako (I * Zone) hair of the past and present is almost no different but the layout of makeup is different. The fuzzy makeup style like in Japan can’t make the beauty of Nako appeal like it was in Korea.

Sources: k14

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