Japanese album sales of Kpop groups in 2021: The only girl group on the list is not BLACKPINK

It is not surprising that BTS continues to occupy first place on this list, while BLACKPINK, unfortunately, could not enter the list.

For many years, Japan has been a fruitful music market for K-pop artists. Many idols have had notable success in this country, particularly in record sales. As a result, Korean netizens were amazed by the Japanese record sales ranking of Kpop groups in 2021.

The data comes from Japan’s famous Oricon chart, which was gathered by a Twitter account with over 83,000 followers that specializes in the album and digital music statistics for Korean artists. The first four spots on the chart are held by BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, and TXT, in that order. All 4 groups are artists under the HYBE group, in which BTS holds the No. 1 position with 1,880,541 copies sold in Japan.


BTS is the only name on the list to have sold one million albums. The special thing is that they have just published a Japanese music product named BTS, THE BEST this year. This is an album including several old songs and just one new song, but it is still enough to push the “global group” to the top of the chart.

Aside from BTS’s accomplishments, ENHYPEN surprised fans by entering the chart despite being rookies. The group just debuted in Japan in June 2021, but they placed third with 347,665 album sales.

TWICE is the only girl group to enter the above chart. In 2021, 9 JYP girls released the single Kura Kura and the album Perfect World in Japan, they ranked 5th with 323,529 hard disks sold. Notably, BLACKPINK sells huge albums in Korea but is not on this list, even though the girl group from YG has just released their first full Japanese album titled THE ALBUM -JP Ver.- in August. 


Japanese album sales chart of Kpop groups in 2021:

1. BTS: 1,880,541 copies

2. SEVENTEEN: 798,476 copies

3. ENHYPEN: 424,936 copies

4. TXT: 347,665 copies

5. TWICE: 323,529 copies

6. NCT 127: 259,085 copies

7. ASTRO: 179,700 copies

8. Stray Kids: 148,740 copies

9. NCT Dream: 146,063 copies

10. SHINee: 122,976 copies

Korean netizens are generally pleased to see K-pop groups with massive record sales in Japan. BTS is the most frequently cited name among them since their record sales considerably outperform the rest of the competitors. They also praised the artists of HYBE and TWICE, the only girl groups present among the famous male idols.

Source: K14

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