Japanese actress Shinohara Ryoko allegedly cheated on her U75 husband by having an affair with a Kpop idol

Although Kwangsoo’s side affirms that they are just senior-junior, netizens still don’t believe him as the evidence of adultery was too obvious.

On August 5, Japanese media reported that actor Ichimura Masako (72 years old) and the powerful female star Shinohara Ryoko (48 years old) divorced after 16 years of marriage. They have 2 children in common. The reason is that Ryoko had an affair with a Kwangsoo, a male Korean idol, actor who is 14 years younger than her.

Immediately, netizens tracked down the actor’s identity as Kwangsoo, a member of Supernova – a duet group with T-ara in the hit “Time To Love”. Accordingly, Kwangsoo and Ryoko often wear couple clothes and live in the same apartment. The neighbors have also confirmed this.

However, soon after, the male idol-actor’s management company denied the above information. They said that Kwangsoo and Ryoko are just close seniors and juniors. However, netizens do not trust this explanation because they think it is rare for male and female friends to live together and wear couple clothes.

Kwangsoo’s full name is Kim Kwangsoo, born in 1987, debuted in 2007 with Supernova, once famous with the hit “Time To Love” with T-ara. Then the group diverged in Japan and achieved success. Meanwhile, Shinohara Ryoko was born in 1973, is a popular, extremely powerful actress and singer of Japan.

This incident once again made people disappointed about the once-popular group. It can be said that it is rare for a group to have as many serious scandals as Supernova. Last year, the member Yoonhak was suspected of being infected with COVID-19 due to meeting a prostitute in a nightclub. Yoonhak and Sungje used to be involved in a gambling ring in Philippines. This year, Kwangsoo’s turn to be accused of adultery and sabotage the famous actress’s family.

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