Jang Won Young (IZ*ONE) appeared with a “disaster” makeup look

Jang Won Young was claimed to be less attractive due to her natural makeup look after giving up the familiar sparkling style.

After Na Yeon (Twice), Jang Won Young is the next idol to collaborate with jewelry brand Chaumet to release a promotional clip.  This is the first solo promotion contract of the female idol born in 2004 after IZ*ONE disbanded.  Jang Won Young is a face favored by many brands because of her idol-standard beauty, likened to a real-life doll.

However, in the recently released video, netizens claim that Jang Won Young’s attractiveness has been “pulled down,” making her appear less attractive than usual.

Contrary to the sparkling makeup when going on stage, the stylist chose for Jang Won Young a natural makeup style, with a light pink lip gloss.  The long flowing hairstyle also makes it difficult for female idols to pose.  She looked more like she was filming a shampoo commercial than a jewelry one. 

Topics related to the visual of the IZ*ONE member are the talk of the town.  Many think that Won Young is only beautiful when choosing the right type of brilliant makeup.  When she switched to the high-end direction or a gentle, natural style, she immediately revealed her flaws.  Before that, Jang Won Young was also criticized for wearing too light makeup in magazines, which caused her to lose all charm.

Netizens wonder if Jang Won Young is only beautiful with a certain makeup.  Some comments:

  • Neither Na Yeon nor Jang Won Young fits this concept well
  • She is still a child.  Wouldn’t it be better for her to take shots with a youthful, active, or gentle style?
  • This girl only suits the idol makeup look.  Anyway, it was more suitable for her age.
  • The hair has covered all the jewelry.  Looks like she’s doing a shampoo commercial.
  • Bad expression!

Source: ione

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