Jang Won Young is complimented for English speaking skill and self-improvement effort from a young age

Despite her young age, Jang Won Young (IZ*ONE) has spent a lot of effort in improving her English skill and other liberal art subjects.


The center Jang Won Young of IZ*ONE is currently the center of many controversies in K-Pop fan community. This 15-year-old idol has countless anti-fans due to the controversy regarding her suspected impolite action and attitude towards her groupmate. However, many fans are always ready to debate that this female idol is still young, and she needs time to improve herself.

Recently, Won Young along with other IZ*ONE members appeared on the show “Problematic Men” (tvN). Through this show, Jang Won Young has left a good impression with her gorgeous visual, graceful and attractiveway of talking. Especially, among the members of this show, Tyler Rasch – an American citizen – was very interesting in Won Young.

Jang Won Young has showed her English speaking skill which surprised many fans. According to her words, she was already aware of the importance of learning English ever since she was 7. Her pronunciation is accurate which Tyler Rasch himself has confirmed. Also, Won Young focused on self-improvement by learning flute, piano, violin, swimming, math,…Apart from all that, she still have the time to train, joined “PRODUCE 48” and debut as a member of IZ*ONE.

Maybe it was thanks to her effort of self-improving that Jang Won Young is successful since a very young age. If she keeps this positive mindset, the female idol will surely be even more successful in the future.

Source: tinnhac

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