Jang Ki Yong “It’s great that I feel more relaxed after being discharged”

Actor Jang Ki Yong’s first pictorial after being discharged from the military was revealed.

Jang Ki Yong exuded a “racing mood” and gave off a cool & wild charm in the pictorial for the May issue of “Vogue”, which was released on April 26th.


Jang Ki Yong, dressed up in all black, created a more mature atmosphere by staring at the camera lens and lying while leaning on a helmet. He boasted his fashionista side by perfectly digesting the unbalanced look of racing jacket, casual pants and leather boots.

In particular, the jacket worn freely, the piercing points under his eyes and his unique deep gaze further doubled the chic atmosphere of the pictorial.


In the interview after the photo shoot, Jang Ki Yong said, “I’m thinking about how to greet fans with a better image. Please wait a little longer.

When asked if there has been any change since he was discharged from the military, he honestly replied, “I had been busy moving forward. It’s great that now I feel a bit more relaxed in many aspects, including my way of thinking.

The pictorial featuring Jang Ki Yong’s deeper charm can be found in the May 2023 issue of Vogue Korea, and the interview can be found on Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel on May 1st.

Source: Nate

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