Jang Jae-in exposed Nam Tae-hyun’s two-timing her: “Live with the least conscience”

Singer Jang Jae-in posted a post that seemed to expose Nam Tae-hyun’s two-timing.

Jang posted a screen capture on her Instagram on June 7 of a woman’s KakaoTalk conversation with Nam Tae-hyun.

In the exposed chat, the woman said to Nam, “Whether you’re serious about me or just having a casual relationship, it’s not a good idea to lie that you had broken up and play with people’s hearts. You should have kept the minimum courtesy between people“.

The woman said some of her acquaintance saw Nam Tae-hyun and Jang Jae-in at the movie theater together. Nam Tae-hyun then replied, “Don’t jump right to the conclusion because it’s not like that,” adding, “I’m not sure about my relationship with Jang Jae-in. I’ve been honest with you. You have also said a while ago you wanted to be with me.”

The woman asked about his relationship with Jang Jae-in, saying, “You said you had broken up a month ago” and Nam said, “It was true. The thing between me and Jang Jae-in is on-and-off all the time“.

Jang Jae-in expressed her thought about this, “We were just getting to know each other but then you confirmed publicly our relationship as dating as you pleased, which turned my agency into a chaotic mess just because of my situation. If you have planned on living like this, you shouldn’t have publicized our relationship. You told your public girlfriend that she was too obsessed with contacting each other so that you can do all these dirty things behind her back.

Nam Tae-hyun and especially Nam Tae-hyun’s fans. Stop sending me malicious DM and vicious comments. You guys have totally failed to notice that he has been silently cheating with another woman and I’m just another victim,” she warned.

Jang Jae-in then directed this towards Nam Tae-hyun, “There won’t be any chance you might wake up, but live with the least amount of conscience.

Meanwhile, Jang Jae-in and Nam Tae-hyun met through tvN’s entertainment show “Workshop” and admitted their dating relationship in April.

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