Jae Hyun (NCT) and Soo Bin (TXT): 2 visuals with the first-love vibe

In the eyes of Korean netizens, Jae Hyun and Soo Bin are the two male idols who have the vibe most like the first love.

Jae Hyun (NCT)

Since debut, Jae Hyun has been loved by fans with the nickname “first love”.  During his time in school, the male idol had a handsome appearance, an impressive background, and recognized talent.

When he was in school, he was very well-known.  He is a handsome and kind senior, good at basketball, making many girls in the same school flutter.

The story of a female student who had a crush on him that was shared on the radio made netizens recognize Jae Hyun as all what people think about when talking about a crush.

The NCT member is perfect as the first love of a lot of girls’ dreams.

Soo Bin (TXT)

Recently, on the Pann forum, TXT’s Soo Bin is the next male idol with a “first-love” vibe.

His charisma changes with each style.  Just having black hair and one smile is enough to make a girl’s heart flutter.

Soo Bin has a height of 1.85m, is the leader of TXT from HYBE. 

Not only like a crush in high school, the TXT member is also like a reliable senior in college.

Soo Bin and Jae Hyun both have sweet smiles. 

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