Jae Hyun and Krystal are mistaken for siblings because they look so similar

Jung Jae Hyun and Krystal’s face collage picture is attracting hundreds of comments on Kpop forums. 

The two SM idols are the top visuals of Korea, with a luxurious and noble manner as rich heirs. Netizens believed that Jae Hyun and Krystal both have faces that match SM’s taste. They look like “prince and princess” coming out of a comic book. Some comments as follow: “Like international students with golden spoon, in fact, both of them grew up from rich families. They have a polite and luxurious aura”, “That’s SM’s beauty-style”, “Their eyes, nose, lips are all alike. They are really beautiful” ….

In addition, SM Entertainment also owns another visual couple with many similarities: Su Ho and Irene. The face comparison photo surprised many people because the EXO member and the visual of Red Velvet look so similar, from facial features to charisma.

Netizens think that all 4 idols have similarities. They all have visuals that match SM’s taste. They represent the image that the company has set for each group. 

In addition, they possess faces that match their acting. They are also directed by SM to encroach on the acting field.

Jae Hyun (NCT) is recognized as the top visual of the 3rd generation. He has the perfect facial ratio and charismatic aura.
Su Ho (EXO) looks like a prince charming coming out of a comic.
Irene (Red Velvet) gives the aura of an ice queen at first sight.
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